Little Wind Loans

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Little Wind Loans

Little Wind Credits is a "new" loaning program accessible to all selected Northern Arapaho Ancestral Individuals 18 years and more established. It was designed to significantly lower interest rates for members of the Northern Arapaho tribe. The annual financing rate for new loans is 9.9%. Loan applicants can either fill out an application at one of two offices on the Wind River Reservation or download the appropriate form here.

We just acknowledge Ancestral Id's, Driver's Permit/State ID went with a Declaration Of Indian Blood, Visa went with a Testament Of Indian Blood. Any loan application will not accept a prison ID. Applications can also be mailed, faxed, or dropped off at the offices.

About Little Wind Loans

The Northern Arapaho Business Council (NABC) has developed a new loan program that offers tribal members significantly lower interest rates than in the past.

Northern Arapaho Credit, the tribe's primary lending service, has been replaced by the Little Wind Loans program. Through Little Wind Loans, loans held by Northern Arapaho Credit can also be refinanced without incurring any interest.

The reason for LWL is to give cash saving zero percent financing cost to assist ancestral individuals with getting away from an obligation cycle made by the exorbitant loans.


Riverton, Wyoming Office, Wind River Hotel Casino, Located inside the Hotel, 180 Red Wolf Pl, RIVERTON, WY 82501

Hours of Operation

Wind River Hotel Casino, Across from Experience Room, Monday - Friday, Open: 9am - 4pm

Little Wind Loans phone number

Office - (307) 840-9254, Cell Phone - (307)840-1804, In State Fax - 1-866-602-2887, Out Of State Fax - 307-840-9256 and 888-983-8740

E-mail applications to:,,,

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 1958, Riverton, WY, 82501

Map and Contact

Arapaho and Ethete are the two locations of Little Wind Loans. The Arapaho Office is situated in the Incomparable Fields Corridor and open on Monday and Wednesday Shut Friday's. The Ethete Office is situated between the Ethete Store and Dark Mountain Weaving and open on Tuesday and Thursday.

Little wind loans application form

Loans we currently offer:, Funeral Loan Application, Medical Loan Application

Supported Distinguishing proof with finished application Ancestral Id's, Driver's Permit/State ID went with a Testament Of Indian Blood, Visa went with a Declaration Of Indian Blood. Any loan application will not accept a prison ID.

For Medical Loans Only Patient Verification (Name of Patient, Name of Facility, Location, Date, Time)

How to modify Little wind loans online

With DocHub, making changes to your desk work takes just a few straightforward snaps. To modify the PDF Little wind loans online for free, simply follow these easy steps:

Register and sign in to your record. To test the tool's capabilities, either sign in with your credentials to the editor or select "Create free account."

Add the Little wind advances for altering. Click on the New Report choice above, then intuitive the example to the transfer region, import it from the cloud, or by means of a connection.

Change your document. Make any necessary changes: add text and pictures to your Little wind credits, underline significant subtleties, delete segments of content and supplant them with new ones, and supplement symbols, marks of approval, and regions for finishing up.

Complete redacting the layout. Save the altered report on your gadget, trade it to the cloud, print it right from the proofreader, or offer it with every one individuals included.

Who needs little wind loans?

proprietors of small businesses seeking financial assistance to invest in wind turbines or other renewable energy solutions.

organizations or individuals aiming to switch to clean energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

Farmers or agricultural businesses interested in utilizing wind power for environmentally friendly farming methods.

innovators and entrepreneurs in the renewable energy industry in need of funding for research and development.

Networks or locales with restricted admittance to customary wellsprings of power that can profit from decentralized or off-matrix wind energy arrangements.

How to fill out little wind loans?

Gather all of the required paperwork for the application for the small wind loans first.

Include your name, address, social security number, and contact information in the personal information section.

Give insights regarding your ongoing work status, including your manager's name, address, and contact data.

Be specific about the amount of the loan you want and how you intend to use it.

Give any extra subtleties or supporting reports that might improve your possibilities of endorsement, like confirmation of pay or guarantee.

Verify the completeness and accuracy of the completed application form.

Sign the application structure and submit it alongside the necessary documentation to the assigned advance supplier or monetary foundation.

Circle back to the moneylender to ask about the situation with your advance application.

Before accepting the funds, carefully review the loan agreement's terms and conditions if approved.

To avoid penalties or a negative impact on your credit score, ensure prompt and consistent repayments after receiving the small wind loans.